a couple laying on a mattress on the brach



A Dreamy Oregon Coast Engagement

It’s giving… The Notebook. Every time I look at these images from this dreamy Oregon coast session I can’t help but think of my favorite romantic movies. As a couples photography I have been thinking so much lately about how to create more cinematic and storytelling images for my clients. I don’t want to create just pretty photos. I want to preserve memories.

Memories are rarely perfect! Sometimes they’re messy and a bit blurry. Sometimes we don’t have the whole picture. I want my photos to reflect that. That means embracing the imperfect blurry photos or cropping it in way that doesn’t always makes sense to everyone.

We forget sometimes that photography is more that just pushing a button it is an ART. That is way you can have multiple people shooting the same thing but the images turn out so different.

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